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Session 4.2
7. Move the pointer over the image of the airplane in the blue circle. An arrow button appears
on the right side of the image.
8. Click the arrow button. A menu of options opens, as shown in Figure 4-14.
Figure 4-14
Image in Transportation folder selected
images in
menu of
folder is selected
subfolders contain
additional images
9. Click Copy in the menu. The image is copied to the Clipboard.
Now that you have copied the image to the Clipboard, you can paste it into the docu-
ment at the insertion point. Max asks you to insert the graphic in the paragraph below the
heading “Wide World Travel Clothes.” Before you insert the image, you will close the Clip
Art task pane.
To paste the clip art into the document:
1. Click the Close button in the Microsoft Clip Organizer title bar, and then click Yes when
you see a dialog box asking if you want the item to remain on the Clipboard. You return to
the Document window.
2. Click the Close button
on the Clip Art task pane.
3. Position the insertion point to the left of the word “After” in the beginning of the first para-
graph below the heading “Wide World Travel Clothes.”
4. Click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar. The image is inserted into the docu-
ment at the insertion point. The image nearly fills the left column.
5. Save the document.
6. Click the airplane image to select it. Like the WordArt object you worked with earlier, the
clip art image is a graphic object with sizing handles that you can use to change its size.
The Picture toolbar appears whenever a graphic object is selected. See Figure 4-15.
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