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Session 4.2
Newsletter with the Clip Art object inserted
Figure 4-15
text moves to
sizing handles
picture is
Picture toolbar
(yours may
in a different
Trouble? If the Picture toolbar does not appear when you click the airplane image, right-
click any toolbar, and then click Picture.
Max would like the image to be smaller so it doesn’t divert attention from the text.
You’ll make that change in the next section.
Resizing a Graphic
It’s often necessary to change the size of a graphic to make it fit into a document. This is
called scaling the image. You can resize a graphic either by dragging its sizing handles or,
for more precise control, by using the Format Picture button on the Picture toolbar.
For Max’s newsletter, the dragging technique will work fine.
To resize the clip art graphic:
1. Make sure the clip art graphic is selected.
2. Drag the lower-right sizing handle up and to the left until the dotted outline forms a rec-
tangle slightly less than 1.5 inches wide. Remember to use the horizontal ruler as a guide.
See Figure 4-16. Note : You don’t have to hold down the Shift key, as you do with WordArt,
to resize the picture proportionally.
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