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Session 4.2
Figure 4-18
Rotated graphic
airplane i n
new position
Rotate Left
90˚ button
Now Max wants you to make the text wrap to the right of the graphic, making the air-
plane look as if it’s flying into the text.
Wrapping Text Around a Graphic
For the airplane to look as though it flies into the newsletter text, you need to make the
text wrap around the image. Earlier, you used Top and Bottom text wrapping to position
the WordArt title above the columns of text. Now you’ll apply Tight text wrapping to make
the text follow the shape of the plane.
To wrap text around the airplane graphic:
1. Verify that the airplane graphic is selected.
2. Click the Text Wrapping button
on the Picture toolbar. A menu of text wrapping
options appears.
3. Click Tight . The text wraps to the right of the airplane, following its shape. Your screen
should look similar to Figure 4-19.
4. Click anywhere in the text to deselect the graphic, and then save the newsletter. Don’t be
concerned if the heading “Wide World Travel Clothes” wraps around the top of the
graphic. You will move the graphic away from the heading in the next section. If the head-
ing does not wrap around the graphic, that’s fine too.
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