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Session 4.2
Text wrapped around graphic
Figure 4-19
text flows
The Text Wrapping button should provide all the options you need for most situations.
In some cases, however, you might want to use the more advanced options available in
the Format Picture or Format WordArt dialog box. You’ll have a chance to explore these
options in the Case Problems at the end of this tutorial.
Moving a Graphic
Finally, Max asks you to move the graphic down to the middle of the paragraph so that it
is not so close to the heading. You can do this by dragging the graphic to a new position.
Like WordArt, a clip art graphic is anchored to a specific paragraph in a document. When
you drag a graphic (including WordArt) to a new paragraph, the anchor symbol moves to
the top of that paragraph. When you drag a graphic to a new position within the same
paragraph, the anchor symbol remains in its original position and only the graphic moves.
You’ll see how this works when you move the airplane graphic.
To move the graphic:
1. Select the graphic. You should see an anchor symbol either within the graphic or to the left
of the heading “Wide World Travel Clothes.”
2. Move the mouse pointer
over the graphic.
3. Click and slowly drag the pointer down. As you move the pointer, a dotted outline
appears indicating the new position of the graphic.
4. Position the dotted outline so it is in the middle of the paragraph and aligned along the left
margin, and then release the mouse button. The graphic moves to its new position, but the
anchor remains at the top of the paragraph, to the left of the first line of the paragraph.
Your newsletter should look similar to Figure 4-20.
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