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Computer Hardware
Now that you have read about input devices, refer back to the computer advertisement
shown in Figure 1 at the beginning of the tutorial. Can you list the input devices included
with the advertised system? A mouse and a keyboard are considered essential peripheral
devices, so advertisements do not always list them. Unless the ad specifies some other
input device, such as a track ball, you can safely assume the computer comes equipped
with a traditional keyboard and mouse.
Output Devices
As stated earlier, output is the result of processing data; output devices show you those
results. The most commonly used output devices are monitors and printers. A monitor is
the device that displays the output from a computer, as shown in Figure 10. The monitor
on the left is a CRT ( cathode ray tube ) monitor , which uses gun-like devices that direct
beams of electrons toward the screen to activate dots of color to form the image you see
on the screen. The monitor on the right is a flat panel monitor . Most flat panel monitors
use LCD (liquid crystal display) technology, which creates the image you see on the
screen by manipulating light within a layer of liquid crystal. This is the same technology
used in digital watches or the time display on a microwave oven. Flat panel display moni-
tors take up very little room on the desktop, are lightweight, and are very easy to read, but
are much more expensive than CRT monitors. However, many graphic artists prefer CRT
technology because it displays uniform color from any viewing angle.
Monitor types
Figure 10
CRT monitor
Flat panel display monitor
Factors that influence the quality of a monitor are screen size, resolution, and dot pitch.
Screen size is the diagonal measurement in inches from one corner of the screen to the
other. Measurements for today’s desktop monitors range from 15" to 23". The monitors on
notebook computers range from 12" to 17". The first personal computer monitors and
many terminals still in use today are character-based. A character-based display divides
the screen into a grid of rectangles, one for each typed character. A monitor that is capa-
ble of displaying graphics, called a graphics display , divides the screen into a matrix of
small dots called pixels . Resolution is the maximum number of pixels the monitor can
display. Standard resolutions are 640
480, 800
600, 1,024
768, 1,280
1,024, and
1,200. The resolution you use depends on your monitor size. If your screen is
small, 1,600
1,200 resolution will make the objects on the screen too small to see
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