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Session 4.2
4. Click the Lines to drop down arrow once to change the setting from 3 to 2. You don’t need
to change the default distance from the text. See Figure 4-21.
Drop Cap dialog box
Figure 4-21
select this style
number of lines drop
cap will extend vertically
into the paragraph
5. Click the OK button to close the dialog box, and then click anywhere in the newsletter to
deselect the new drop cap. Word formats the first character of the paragraph as a drop cap.
Word re-wraps the text around the graphic to accommodate the drop cap above. See
Figure 4-22. If the paragraph text wraps to the left of the graphic, drag the graphic closer
to the left margin.
Drop Cap begins the paragraph
Figure 4-22
text wraps
drop cap
drag graphic
to left so it
aligns with
the left
Trouble? Don’t be concerned if Word now marks the “fter” of “After” as a grammatical error.
Word considers drop caps to be objects, not regular text. By formatting the A in “After” as a
drop cap, you essentially deleted the regular character A . Because the remaining regular char-
acters “fter” do not appear in the Word dictionary, Word might mark it as a potential error.
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