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Session 4.2
Figure 4-27
Border and Shading Options dialog box
currently border
is p ositioned
24 points…
…from the edge
of the page
7. Click the Measure from list arrow, and then click Text. The settings in the Top and Bottom
boxes change to 1 pt, and the settings in the Left and Right boxes change to 4 pts, indicat-
ing the border’s position relative to the edge of the text.
8. Click the OK button in the Border and Shading Options dialog box, click OK in the Borders
and Shading dialog box, and then save your work. The newsletter is now surrounded by an
attractive border, as shown earlier in Figure 4-1.
9. Switch to Header and Footer view, change the Zoom setting to Page Width, create a
footer that centers Prepared by your name and the current date at the bottom of the
document. (Be sure to replace “your name” with your first and last name.) Format the
footer in a small font to make it as unobtrusive as possible.
10. Close Header and Footer view to return to Print Layout view. Change the Zoom setting to
Whole Page. Note that with the Whole Page Zoom setting selected in Print Layout view,
there’s no need to switch to the Print Preview window. (The Print Preview window provides
a fast way to see how the entire document will look at one glance, but does not include the
editing tools found in Print Layout or Normal view. By contrast, the Whole Page Zoom set-
ting in Print Layout view allows you to view one page at a time while still providing access
to the usual Word editing tools.)
11. Print the newsletter, close the Drawing toolbar, and then close the document but keep
Word open, saving the document if prompted to do so. Unless you have a color printer, the
WordArt headline and the airplane will print in black and white.
You give the printed newsletter to Max, along with a copy on disk. He thinks it looks
great and thanks you for your help. He’ll print it later on a high-quality color printer (to
get the best resolution for printing multiple copies).
Now that the newsletter is finished, you need to create an accompanying cover letter.
Max would like to use Word’s mail merge feature to insert customer names and addresses
into a form letter.
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