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Session 4.2
During a mail merge, the merge fields in the main document instruct Word to retrieve
information from the data source. For example, one merge field in the main document
might retrieve a first name from the data source; another merge field might retrieve a
street address. For each record in the data source, Word will create a separate letter in the
final document, which is called the merged document . Thus, if the data source contains
five sets of client names and addresses, the merged document will contain five separate
letters, each one containing a different client name and address in the appropriate places.
Using the Mail Merge Task Pane
Word’s Mail Merge task pane walks you through the steps involved in merging documents.
When you first open the Mail Merge task pane, the steps you see described there will vary,
depending on what document you have open in the main Word window. To ensure that
you see the same thing in the Mail Merge task pane each time, it’s helpful to open a new,
blank document before you open the Mail Merge task pane. Max asks you to start the mail
merge process now.
To begin the mail merge process:
1. Click the New Blank Document button on the Standard toolbar to open a blank docu-
ment. Verify that Print Layout view is selected and change the Zoom setting to 100%.
2. Click Tools on the menu bar, point to Letters and Mailings , and then click Mail Merge . The
Mail Merge task pane opens. Depending on how your computer is set up, you might also see
the Mail Merge toolbar. If you do see the Mail Merge toolbar, close it. See Figure 4-30.
Figure 4-30
Mail Merge task pane
Mail Merge
task pane
Print Layout view selected
first task
The Mail Merge task pane currently shows the first of six tasks related to completing a mail
merge. Your first task is to specify the type of main document you want to use for the merge.
3. Verify that the Letters option button is selected in the Mail Merge task pane.
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