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Session 4.2
Previewing the merge document
Figure 4-35
address for
first cl i ent in
data source
letter currently
click to return to
previously dis played
first name of first
client in data source
click to
more letters
in merged
click to
bottom of
t h e Mail Merge
task pane
Trouble? If you need to make any changes to the form letter, click the down arrow at the
bottom of the Mail Merge task pane to scroll to the bottom of the task pane, click Previous:
Write your letter in the task pane, edit the document, save your changes, and then click
Next: Preview your letters in the task pane. When you are finished, your screen should look
like Figure 4-35.
You are ready for the final step, completing the merge.
Merging the Main Document and Data Source
Now that you’ve previewed the merge, you’re ready to complete the merge between the
main document and the data source. The result will be personalized letters to Wide World
Travel clients. Because the data source consists of five records, you’ll create a merged
document with five pages, one letter per page.
To complete the mail merge:
1. In the Mail Merge task pane, click Next: Complete the merge . The task pane displays options
related to merging the main document and the data source. You can use the Print option to
have Word print the customized letters immediately, without displaying them on the screen.
Instead, you’ll use the Edit individual letters option to merge to a new document.
2. Click Edit individual letters in the Mail Merge task pane. The Merge to New Document
dialog box opens. Here, you need to specify which records you want to include in the
merge. You want to include all the records in the data source.
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