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Session 4.2
3. Verify that the All option button is selected, click the OK button, and then scroll as needed to
display the entire first letter. Word creates a new document called Letters1, which contains
five pages, one for each record in the data source. Each letter is separated from the one that
follows it by a section break. See Figure 4-36. The main document with the merge fields
(Cover Letter) remains open, as indicated by its button in the taskbar.
Figure 4-36
Newly merged document with customized letters
letter for first client in data source
merged document contains five pages, one letter per page
4. Save the merged document in the Tutorial.04\Tutorial folder, using the filename Merged
Cover Letters . You saved this merged document because it is a small one. However,
there’s usually no need to waste disk space by saving large merged documents. Typically,
you would just print the merged document and close it without saving it. If you need
another copy of the merged document later, you can simply merge the data source and
main document again.
5. Scroll down and review the five letters. Note the different address and salutation in each.
6. Close the Merged Cover Letters document. The document named Cover Letter reappears,
along with the Mail Merge task pane.
7. Close the document and the task pane, and then click the Yes button if you are asked to
save changes.
You have completed a mail merge and generated a merged document. Max will send
the cover letters out with five sample copies of his newsletter right away.
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