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Session 4.2
Review Assignments
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: Travel.doc, Highlights.doc, and
Max’s Wide World Travel newsletter was a success; the sales for the advertised items were
brisk. Now he has been asked to create a newsletter describing the highlights of some
recent Wide World Travel tours. Max has already written the text of the newsletter and
asks you to transform it into a professional-looking newsletter. He asks you to create an
accompanying cover letter using Word’s mail merge feature. Complete the following:
Apply the skills you
learned in the tutorial
using the same case
1. Open the file Travel from the Tutorial.04\Review folder included with your Data
Files, and then check your screen to make sure your Word document is displayed in
Print Layout view at 100% zoom, that the nonprinting characters are displayed, and
that the Drawing toolbar is open.
2. Save the document as Travel Highlights in the same folder.
3. In the first paragraph, replace “YOUR NAME” with your first and last name.
4. Insert “or visit our Web site at” at the end of the first
paragraph, immediately after the phone number (do not include the quotation
marks). Add a period to complete the sentence. Then insert a blank line and remove
the hyperlink from the Web address.
5. At the top of the document, create the headline “Wide World Highlights” using
WordArt. In the WordArt Gallery, choose the fourth style from the left in the third row
down from the top (the rainbow style with the shadow).
6. Change the shape of the WordArt object to Triangle Up, and then italicize the
WordArt text.
7. Apply the Top and Bottom wrapping style to the WordArt object.
8. Insert a blank paragraph at the beginning of the document, anchor the WordArt head-
line to the new paragraph, and then save your work. If the WordArt moves below the
new paragraph symbol, drag it up above the new paragraph. When you are finished,
the anchor symbol should be positioned to the left of the new paragraph symbol,
with the WordArt object positioned above the new paragraph symbol.
9. If necessary, enlarge the WordArt object to span the entire width of the page. Be sure
to hold down the Shift key while you drag. When you are finished, the WordArt
object should be approximately .5 inches high on the left end, and about 1 inch tall
at the center.
10. Position the insertion point to the left of the first word in the paragraph (which begins
“Wide World Travel, Inc.”), and then format the newsletter text in two columns using
the Columns dialog box. Insert a section break so that the two-column formatting is
applied to the part of the newsletter after the insertion point. Do not insert a line
between columns. View the new columns in Print Layout view, using the Whole Page
Zoom setting.
11. Switch to Page Width zoom, and then click to the left of the paragraph that begins
“We prefaced our adventure . . . ”
12. Insert the clip art graphic of the Eiffel Tower from the Buildings folder in the Office
Collections folder.
13. Select and resize the graphic so it is approximately 1.5 inches square.
14. Crop the image vertically about .25” on both the left and right so that, when you are
finished, the image is approximately 1 inch wide.
15. Wrap text around the graphic using Tight text wrapping
16. Create a drop cap in the first paragraph under each heading, including the first para-
graph below the WordArt headline, using the default settings for the Dropped position.
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