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Session 4.2
17. In the first paragraph below the WordArt headline, insert the trademark symbol after
“Wide World Adventures.” Format the symbol as superscript if it appears in the same
size as the surrounding text.
18. Balance the columns. If the words in the last line of the newsletter text are spaced too
far apart after you insert the section break, click at the end of the line, and then press
the Enter key to move the section break to the next line.
19. Add a border around the page using a border style of your choice.
20. Preview, save, and print the newsletter. When you are finished, close the document.
21. Open the file Highlights located in the Tutorial.04\Review folder, and then save the
document as Highlights Cover Letter in the same folder.
22. Merge the Highlights Cover Letter document with the Addresses file found in the
Tutorial.04\Review folder. Use the Address Block merge field for the inside address. Then
include a merge field that will insert the customer’s first name in the salutation. Preview
the merged letters and make any necessary changes before completing the merge.
23. Save the merged document as Merged Highlights Cover Letters and close it. Save
your changes to the main document and close it. Close the task pane.
Case Problem 1
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Convert.doc
City of Santa Fe, New Mexico Caroline Hestwood is the manager of information systems
for the city of Santa Fe. She and her staff are planning to convert all city computers from
the Windows 2000 operating system to Windows XP and to standardize application soft-
ware on the latest version of Microsoft Office. Caroline writes a monthly newsletter on
computer operations and training, so this month she has devoted the newsletter to the
conversion. She asks you to finalize the newsletter. Complete the following:
Apply the skills you
learned to create a
newsletter for a city
1. Open the file Convert located in the Tutorial.04\Cases folder included with your
Data Files, and then check your settings to be sure your document is displayed in
Print Layout view at 100% zoom, that the nonprinting characters are displayed, and
that the Drawing toolbar is open.
2. Save the document as Conversion Newsletter in the same folder.
3. If the text you want to format as WordArt has already been typed, you can begin creating
your WordArt by selecting the text in the document. Select the text of the newsletter title,
“Software Update.” (Do not select the paragraph symbol at the end of the title.) Click the
Insert WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar, and then create a Word Art title, using the
style in the third row down, first column on the left.
4. Set the text wrapping style to Top and Bottom, and then verify that the WordArt is
anchored to the blank paragraph at the top of the document.
5. Edit the WordArt object to set the font to 32-point Arial bold, and then apply the Arch
Up (Curve) shape to the object. Resize the WordArt object so that it spans the width
of the page from left margin to right margin and so that its maximum height is about
1 inch. ( Hint : Use the sizing handles while watching the horizontal and vertical rulers
in Print Layout view to adjust the object to the appropriate size.) Drag the WordArt
down, if necessary, so that it is positioned below the top margin.
6. Center and italicize the subtitle of the newsletter, “Newsletter from the Santa Fe
Information Management Office.” Verify that the WordArt is anchored to the first
paragraph in the document (which is a blank paragraph).
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