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Session 4.2
7. Replace “INSERT YOUR NAME HERE” with your name, then center and italicize the
line containing your name.
8. Select the subtitle and the line after it (containing your name). Apply a Box style bor-
der, with Gray–15% shading. Be sure Paragraph is selected in the Apply to list box of
the Borders and Shading dialog box.
9. Format all the text below the WordArt heading in two newspaper style columns. Notice
that the text you italicized and centered now appears centered over the left column.
10. Undo the column formatting, click to the left of “The Big Switch,” insert a continuous
section break, and then format the text below the section break in two columns. The
subtitle is now centered over the two columns.
11. Position the insertion point at the beginning of the first paragraph under the heading
“Training on MS Office,” and then open the Clip Art task pane. If any text appears in
the Search for text box, delete it, type “computer,” and then click Go. A group of clip
art images appears in the Clip Art task pane. Click the image of a woman in a purple
shirt typing on a keyboard. Close the Clip Art task pane.
12. Resize the picture so that it is 55% of its original size. Instead of dragging the sizing han-
dles as you did in the tutorial, select the picture, and then click the Format Picture button
on the Picture toolbar to open the Format Picture dialog box. Click the Size tab. Adjust
the Height and Width settings to 55% in the Scale section, and make sure the Lock
aspect ratio check box is selected. If you do not like the result, you can drag the sizing
handles to fine-tune the adjustment.
13. Apply the Tight text wrapping option. Drag the picture down so it is positioned to the
left of the second and third bullets.
14. Use the Clip Organizer to insert a second computer-related graphic in the right col-
umn, in the paragraph under the italicized heading “Why are we switching to
Windows XP?” Open the Office Collections folder, open the Technology folder, and
then open the Computing folder. Use the black and white image of a computer and a
mouse on a blue background. Size the image to span half the column, apply the
Square wrapping option, and drag the picture down so it is positioned halfway down
the paragraph along the left column margin.
15. You can use the Replace command to replace standard word processing characters
with typographic symbols. To replace every occurrence of two hyphens (--) with an
em dash (—), position the insertion point at the beginning of the first paragraph of
text (at the beginning of the paragraph under the heading “The Big Switch”). Click
Edit on the menu bar, and then click Replace. Click the More button to display addi-
tional options. In the Find what text box, type two hyphens (--), and then press the
Tab key to move the insertion point to the Replace with text box. Click the Special
button at the bottom of the dialog box. Click Em Dash in the list. Word displays
the special code for em dashes in the Replace with text box. Click the Replace All
button. When the operation is complete, click the OK button, and then click the
Close button.
16. Insert a drop cap in the first paragraph under each heading, using the default settings
for the Dropped option.
17. Switch to Whole Page zoom and insert a border around the newsletter. Use a border
style of your choice.
18. Save and print the newsletter, and then close it.
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