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Session 4.2
Case Problem 2
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: News.doc and Island.jpg
Flannery Investments Jamie Kiesling is the director of personnel for Flannery
Investments, a national investment company with headquarters in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. Kiesling assigned you the task of preparing the monthly newsletter Flannery
News , which provides news about employees of Flannery Investments. You decide to
update the layout and to use the desktop-publishing capabilities of Word to design the
newsletter. You will use text assembled by other employees for the body of the newsletter.
Complete the following:
Apply the skills you
learned to create an
employee newsletter.
1. Open the file News located in the Tutorial.04\Cases folder included with your Data
Files, and then save it as Flannery Newsletter in the same folder.
2. Use the Find and Replace command to replace all instances of the name “Daniela”
with your first name. Then replace all instances of “Alford” with your last name.
3. Click at the end of the second section ( to the right of the space after “contact her at”),
and then type your e-mail address followed by a period. Press the Enter key to insert
a blank line, remove the hyperlink, and then delete the new blank line.
4. Create a “Flannery News” WordArt title for the newsletter. Use the WordArt style in
the second row down, third column from the left, and set the font to 24-point Arial
bold. Set the wrapping style to Top and Bottom, and then anchor the WordArt to the
blank paragraph at the top of the document (if it isn’t already).
5. Resize the WordArt object proportionally so that the title spans the width of the page
and the height of the title is about .5 inches. ( Hint : Use the sizing handles while
watching the horizontal and vertical rulers in Print Layout view to adjust the object to
the appropriate size.)
6. Make sure the WordArt object is positioned above the blank paragraph, click to the
left of the heading “Win a Vacation Get-Away,” and then format the body of the
newsletter into two newspaper-style columns. Place a vertical rule between the
columns. ( Hint : Click the Undo button and repeat the steps if the columns do not
start where expected. If the vertical line crosses the WordArt, click Format on the
menu bar, click Columns, click the Apply to list arrow, and then click This point
7. You can change the structure of a newsletter by reformatting it with additional
columns. Change the number of columns from two to three using the Columns com-
mand on the Format menu. Make sure that the Equal column width check box is
8. Position the insertion point at the beginning of the paragraph below the heading
“Win a Vacation Get-Away.” Click Insert on the menu bar, point to Picture, and then
click From File. Look in the Tutorial.04\Cases folder, select the file named Island , and
then click the Insert button.
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