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Session 4.2
9. You can make precise cropping changes using the Format Picture dialog box. Keep in
mind that any cropping changes are relative to the original size of the image. For
example, the photograph you inserted was created by a digital camera as a six-inch by
eight-inch image, so to remove half the image’s width, you would need to crop three
inches. To try cropping the photograph, verify that it is selected, click the Format
Picture button on the Picture toolbar, click the Picture tab, and in the Crop from text
boxes, change the Left value to 2.8 and the Right value to 2. Then click the OK button.
10. You already know how to wrap text around a graphic or WordArt object using the
Text Wrapping button. In some situations, however, you might need additional
options to gain even more control over how text wraps in a document. To view these
options now, verify that the photo is selected, click the Format Picture button on the
Picture toolbar, click the Layout tab, and then click the Advanced button. Click the
Tight icon, and notice the additional settings at the bottom of the Advanced Layout
dialog box. Among other things, you can specify to what side the text should wrap
and the distance to preserve between the text and the graphic. Click the Right only
option button, click the OK button, and then click the OK button again. Keep in mind
that you can also access the Advanced Layout dialog box from the Format WordArt
dialog box.
11. Insert a drop cap in the first paragraph after each heading except the “Win a Vacation
Get-Away” heading. Use the Dropped default settings for number of lines, but change
the font of the drop cap to Arial.
12. Balance the columns and then preview the document.
13. Add a border around the entire page of the newsletter.
14. Save the newsletter, and then preview and print it. Close the document.
Case Problem 3
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Hill.doc
Hill Star Dairy Cooperative Haley Meskin is the publicity director for Hill Star Dairy
Cooperative in Lawrence, Kansas. Local residents pay a membership fee to join the co-op,
and then receive a 10% discount on purchases of organic dairy products. Many members
don’t realize that they can take advantage of other benefits, such as free cooking classes
and monthly mailings with recipe cards and coupons. To spread the word, Haley would
like to create a brochure describing the benefits of joining the co-op. She has already writ-
ten the text of the brochure. She would like the brochure to consist of one piece of paper
folded in three parts, with text on both sides of the paper, as shown in Figure 4-37.
Explore new techniques
as you create the two-
sided brochure shown
in Figure 4-37.
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