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Session 4.2
Figure 4-37
side one
cover after
is folded
side two
Complete the following:
1. Open the file Hill located in the Tutorial.04\Cases folder included with your Data
Files, and then save it as Hill Star Brochure in the same folder. If necessary, switch to
Print Layout view.
2. On the second page, below the cow graphic, click after the Web address, insert a
blank line, and then type your first and last name. Remove the hyperlink from the
Web address.
3. Format the entire document in three columns of equal width. Do not include a vertical
line between columns. Don’t be concerned that part of the text overflows onto a sec-
ond page.
4. Click at the end of the list of member benefits (after “country.”), and then press
Ctrl+Enter to insert a page break. Remove the bullet from the new paragraph.
5. You are already familiar with adding section breaks and page breaks to a document.
You can also add a column break, which forces the text after the insertion point to
move to the next column. Click at the beginning of the heading “Become a
Member!” ( just to the left of the “B”), click Insert on the menu bar, and then click
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