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Session 4.2
format the text in a text box using the usual Word tools. In Print Layout view, change
the Zoom setting to 100% and scroll to display the top of the middle column on the
second page. Click at the top of the middle column, insert one blank paragraph,
move the insertion point to the top of the column, and click the Text Box button on
the Drawing toolbar. A gray box called a drawing canvas appears at the top of the
middle column. The drawing canvas contains the text “Create your drawing here.”
Drag the mouse pointer inside the drawing canvas to draw a rectangle about 1.5
inches wide and one inch tall, and then release the mouse button. Type “Learn about
the advantages of membership!” (without the quotation marks). Select the text in the
text box and format it in 14-point Times New Roman, italic, bold. Use the Center but-
ton on the Formatting toolbar to center the text in the text box, and then click any-
where outside the drawing canvas to deselect the text box and the drawing canvas.
Switch the Zoom setting to Whole Page, and adjust the text box size and the position
of the graphic as needed so that the content of the center column fits nicely on the
page. Save your work.
15. To print the brochure, you need to print the first page and then print the second page
on the reverse side. Click File on the menu bar, click Print, click the Pages option but-
ton, type 1, and then click the OK button. Retrieve the printed page, and then insert it
into your printer’s paper tray so that “JOIN NOW” prints on the reverse side of the list
of member benefits; likewise, “HILL STAR” should print on the reverse side of the
“Welcome to Hill Star” text. Whether you should place the printed page upside down
or right-side up depends on your printer. You may have to print a few test pages until
you get it right. When you finish, you should be able to turn page 1 (the page with
the heading “Welcome to Hill Star”) face up, and then fold it inward in thirds, along
the two column borders. Fold the brochure so that the “HILL STAR” column lies on
top. Note : Ask your instructor if you should print the brochure before doing so.
16. Close the document.
Case Problem 4
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Job Search Cover Letters You’re ready to start looking for a job, and plan to use Word’s
mail merge feature to create customized cover letters to accompany your resume. You’ll
start by creating the table shown in Figure 4-38 and filling it with address information for
potential employers. Then you’ll create a cover letter to use as a main document, and cus-
tomize it by inserting the appropriate mail merge fields.
Create the table shown
in Figure 4-38, and then
use it as the data source
for a mail merge result-
ing in cover letters and
envelopes for your own
job search.
Figure 4-38
First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Street Address
Complete these steps:
1. Open a new, blank document, and then save it as Job Search Data Source in the
Tutorial.04\Cases folder included with your Data Files.
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