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Tutorial 1
Tutorial 1
Using Excel to Manage Data
Creating a Sales Order Report
Dalton Food Co-op
Sandra Dalton and her husband, Kevin, own a farm in northern Florida. Recently, Sandra has been selling pro-
duce to local families to earn extra income. When she started, Sandra kept a paper record of customer orders,
and all of the data was entered into a paper ledger with the calculations done on a tabletop calculator. Several
months ago, Sandra and Kevin purchased a computer for the co-op. Bundled with the other software installed on
the computer was a copy of Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (or simply Excel ), a computer program used to enter,
analyze, and present quantitative data.
Sandra, who handles most of the financial aspects of the business, has been using Excel for several months, but
as the business continues to grow and its busy season approaches, she has asked you to help. She wants you to
use an Excel workbook to keep track of orders recently made at the Dalton Food Co-op.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Create formulas using
the formula bar
• Enter data in a selected
range of cells
• Enter formulas using
Point mode
• Enter numbers with
format symbols
• Go to a specific cell
Session 1.1
• Learn about spread-
sheets and how
they work
• Identify major compo-
nents of the Excel
• Navigate within and
between worksheets
• Enter text, dates, data,
and formulas into a
• Change the size of a
column or row
• Modify column widths
• Modify row height
• Range finder
• Select a cell
• Use Save
• Use the Select All
button to assign
formats to the entire
Session 1.2
• Select and move cell
• Calculate totals with
• Insert and delete a
column or row
• Work in edit mode
• Undo an action
• Insert, move, and
rename a worksheet
• Check the spelling in a
• Preview and print a
• Display the formulas
within a worksheet
• Check spelling in a
• Clear cell content
• Copy cells
• Create formulas using
the SUM function
• Delete a worksheet
from a workbook
• Delete rows and
• Delete selected cells
• Display formula contents
• Edit a formula
• Edit numbers in cells
• Edit text in cells
• Fit to print
• Format cells before
entering data
• Insert a cell
• Insert columns and rows
• Insert worksheets into a
• Modify worksheet
• Modify worksheet
• Move cells
• Print a worksheet
• Print all worksheets in
a workbook
• Print-preview a
• Reposition worksheets
in a workbook
• Select non-adjacent
• Undo and Redo an entry
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page EX 2.
Student Data Files
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