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Session 1.1
To move around in the worksheet:
1. Click the Close button in the task pane to close it because you will not be using it in
this session. The active cell is A1. The cell A1 is surrounded by a black border, indicating it
is the active cell, and the Name box displays the cell reference A1.
2. With cell A1 the active cell, press the key on your keyboard four times to move to cell A5,
and then press the key twice to make cell C5 the active cell, as shown in Figure 1-6. Note
that the column and row headings are highlighted and the cell reference appears in the
Name box.
Figure 1-6
Making cell C5 the active cell
cell reference
for the active
cell appears in
the Name box
active column
is highlighted
active row
is highlighted
active cell
3. Press the Enter key to move down one cell, and the press the Tab key to move to the right
one cell. The active cell is now D6.
4. Press the Page Down key to move the display down one screen. The active cell should now
be cell D29. If the actual number of columns and rows displayed on your screen differs from
that shown in Figure 1-2, the active cell on your screen might not be cell D29. You will learn
more about working with the number of columns and rows on your screen later in this tutor-
ial; for now the active cell on your screen should be a screen full of rows down the worksheet.
5. Press the Page Up key to move the display back up one screen, making cell D6 the active
cell again.
6. Press the Home key to move to the first cell in the current row, and then press the Ctrl +
Home keys to make cell A1 active.
You will probably use the keyboard keys to navigate a worksheet the most frequently,
but there will also be situations in which you will want to go directly to a cell on your
worksheet. Although you can use the Page Up and Page Down keys or use the scroll bars,
you have two other options: the Name box and the Go To dialog box. You can just click in
the Name box and type the cell reference you want to go to, or you can open the Go To
dialog box from any location in the worksheet by pressing the F5 function key. Try using
these methods to navigate the worksheet.
To use the Go To dialog box and Name box:
1. Press the F5 key to open the Go To dialog box, type K55 in the Reference text box, and
then click the OK button to make cell K55 the active cell.
2. Click in the Name box, type E6 , and then press the Enter key to make cell E6 the active cell.
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