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Session 1.1
Figure 1-15
Entering text with the AutoComplete feature
Exce l suggests text for cell D4 that
matches the value in cell D3
Trouble? If your version of Excel is not set up to use AutoComplete, you will not see the
suggested text; therefore you must type “Navel Oranges”.
3 . Press the Tab key to accept Excel’s AutoComplete suggestion and to move to cell E4.
4 . Type $17 in cell E4, press the Tab key, type 2 in cell F4, and then press the Tab key to
move to cell G4.
5 . Enter =E4*F4 in cell G4 by typing the formula or by using the point-and-click method. Note
that from now on in this text, when you are instructed to “enter” something versus “type”
it, use the method that you most prefer; that is, press the Enter key, press the Tab key, or
click the Enter button on the Formula bar. Clicking the Enter button not only enters the
value in the cell, but also keeps that cell as the active cell.
Excel does not apply AutoComplete to dates or values. However, you can use another
feature, AutoFill, to automatically fill in formulas. You’ll learn more about AutoFill in the
next tutorial.
Now you’ll enter the last co-op order into the worksheet.
To enter the last order into the worksheet:
1. Enter Jerry Dawson in cell A5, 781 Tree Lane Midtown, FL 80313 in cell B5, 4/18/2006
in cell C5, Deluxe Combo in cell D5, $21 in cell E5, and 4 in cell F5. (Remember to enter
the address on two lines.)
2. In cell G5, enter the formula =E5*F5 . Figure 1-16 shows the completed worksheet.
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