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Session 1.2
To delete the row that contains David Wu’s order:
1. Click the row heading for row 7 , which contains the data you want to delete.
2. Click Edit on the menu bar, and then click Delete . Excel deletes the row and shifts the next
row up. See Figure 1-30. The total calculations in cells F10 and G10 are automatically
updated to reflect the fact that David Wu’s order has been deleted.
Deleting a row from the worksheet
Figure 1-30
David Wu’s order has been deleted
total values are automatically updated
Editing Your Worksheet
When you work in Excel, you might make mistakes that you want to correct or undo.
Sandra has noticed such a mistake in the Dalton workbook. The price for the Deluxe
Combo box should be $23, not $21. You could simply clear the value in cell E8 and then
type the correct value. However, there may be times when you will not want to change
the entire contents of a cell, but merely edit a portion of the entry, especially if the cell
contains a large block of text or a complicated formula. To edit the cell contents, you
need to work in edit mode .
When you are working in edit mode, some of the keyboard shortcuts you’ve been
using perform differently. For example, the Home, Delete, Backspace, and End keys do
not move the insertion point to different cells in the worksheet; rather they move the
insertion point to different locations within the cell. The Home key, for example, moves
the insertion point to the beginning of whatever content has been entered into the cell.
The End key moves the insertion point to the end of the cell’s content. The left and right
arrow keys move the insertion point backward and forward through the cell’s content. The
Backspace key deletes the character immediately to the left of the insertion point, and the
Delete key deletes the character to the right of the insertion point.
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