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Session 1.2
Reference Window
Editing a Cell
Switch to edit mode by double-clicking the cell, clicking the cell and pressing the F2 key,
or clicking the cell and then clicking in the Formula bar.
Use the Home, End, , or keys to move the insertion point within the cell’s content,
or use the Delete and Backspace keys to erase characters.
Press the Enter key when finished, or if you are working in the Formula bar, click the
Enter button.
You’ll switch to edit mode and then change the value in cell E8.
To edit the value in cell E8:
1. Double-click cell E8 . Note that the mode indicator in the status bar switches from Ready to
Edit. Also note that the value 21 appears in the cell, not $21. This is because the cell con-
tains a numeric value, not a text string. The dollar sign ($) is used to format the value.
You’ll learn more about formats in Tutorial 3.
2. Press the End key to move the blinking insertion point to the end of the cell.
3. Press the Backspace key once to delete the 1 character, type 3 to update the value, and
then press the Enter key to accept the change. The value $23 appears in cell E8, and the
total amount of this order in cell G8 changes to $92. Note that the mode indicator on the
status bar switches back to Ready.
If you make a mistake as you type in edit mode, you can press the Esc key or click the
Cancel button on the Formula bar to cancel all changes you made while in edit mode.
Undoing an Action
As you revise your worksheet, you may find that you need to undo one of your changes.
To undo an action, click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar. As you work, Excel
maintains a list of your actions, so you can undo most of the actions you perform in your
workbook during the current session. To reverse more than one action, click the list arrow
next to the Undo button and click the action you want to undo from the list. To see how
this works, you’ll use the Undo button to remove the edit you just made to cell E8.
To undo your last action:
1. Click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar. The value $21 appears again in cell E8,
indicating that your last action, editing the value in this cell, has been undone.
If you find that you have gone too far in undoing your previous actions, you can go for-
ward in the action list and redo those actions. To redo an action, you click the Redo button
on the Standard toolbar. Now you’ll use the Redo button to return the value in cell E8 to $23.
To redo your last action:
1. Click the Redo button
on the Standard toolbar. The value in cell E8 changes back to $23.
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