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Session 1.2
Through the use of edit mode and the Undo and Redo buttons, you should be able to
correct almost any mistake you make in your Excel workbook. The Undo and Redo com-
mands are also available on the Edit menu or by using the shortcut keys Ctrl + Z, to undo
an action, and Ctrl + Y, to redo an action.
Working with Worksheets
By default, Excel workbooks contain three worksheets, labeled Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3.
You can add new worksheets or remove old ones. You can also give your worksheets more
descriptive names. In the Dalton workbook, there is no data entered in the Sheet2 or Sheet3
worksheets. Sandra suggests that you remove these sheets from the workbook.
Adding and Removing Worksheets
To delete a worksheet, you first select its sheet tab to make the worksheet the active sheet;
then right-click the sheet tab and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. Try this now by
deleting the Sheet2 and Sheet3 worksheets.
To delete the Sheet2 and Sheet3 worksheets:
1. Click the Sheet2 tab to make Sheet2 the active sheet.
2. Right-click the sheet tab, and then click Delete on the shortcut menu. Sheet2 is deleted
and Sheet3 becomes the active sheet.
3. Right-click the Sheet3 tab, and then click Delete . There is now only one worksheet in the
After you delete the two unused sheets, Sandra informs you that she wants to include a
description of the workbook’s content and purpose. In other words, Sandra wants to include
a documentation sheet , a worksheet that provides information about the content and pur-
pose of the workbook. A documentation sheet can be any information that you feel is
important, for example, the name of the person who created the workbook or instructions
on how to use the workbook. A documentation sheet is a valuable element if you intend to
share the workbook with others. The documentation sheet is often the first worksheet in the
workbook, though in this case, Sandra wants to place it at the end of the workbook.
To insert a new worksheet, you can either use the Worksheet command on the Insert
menu or the right-click method. Both methods insert a new worksheet before the active sheet.
To insert a new worksheet in the workbook:
1. Click Insert on the menu bar, and then click Worksheet . A new worksheet with the name
“Sheet4” is placed at the beginning of your workbook. Your worksheet might be named
Sheet2 or another name.
Sandra wants the documentation sheet to include the following information:
• The name of the co-op
• The date that this workbook was originally created
• The person who created the workbook
• The purpose of the workbook
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