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Session 1.2
If you are printing to a shared printer on a network, other people might be sending
print jobs at the same time you do. To avoid confusion, you will print the contents of
both the Documentation sheet and the Orders sheet. You will use the Print command
on the File menu because you need to print the entire workbook and not just the
active worksheet (which is the default print setting).
To open the Print dialog box:
1. Click File on the menu bar, and then click Print to open the Print dialog box.
2. Click the Name list box, and then select the printer to which you want to print, if it is not
already selected.
Now you need to select what to print. To print the complete workbook, select the Entire
workbook option button. To print the active worksheet, select the Active sheet(s) option
button. To print the selected cells on the active sheet, click the Selection option button.
3. Click the Entire workbook option button.
4. Make sure 1 appears in the Number of copies list box, since you only need to print one
copy of the workbook. Figure 1-33 shows the Print dialog box.
Print dialog box
Figure 1-33
print the
selected cells
in the active
print the
content of the
active sheet
or sheets
preview the
printed output
print the content of
the entire workbook
Next you will preview the worksheet to ensure that it looks correct before printing it.
To preview the workbook before printing it:
1. Click the Preview button in the Print dialog box. Excel displays a preview of the first full
page of the worksheet, in this case the Documentation sheet, as it will appear printed. As
you can see from the status bar in Figure 1-34, this is the first of three pages.
Trouble? If the status bar on your screen indicates that there are just two pages, you can
still complete the steps.
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