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Session 1.2
Figure 1-34
Print Preview window
preview of the
click anywhere in
t h e previewed page
to switch the
number of pages in the printout
current page
2. Click the Next button on the Print Preview toolbar to move to the next page in the pre-
view. On this page you see part of the Orders worksheet, but it is difficult to read because
the text is so small. To better see the content of the printed page, you can click the preview
page to switch between a magnified view and a whole-page view.
3. Click anywhere within the previewed page with the
pointer to increase the magnifica-
tion, and click again to reduce the magnification.
Working with Portrait and Landscape Orientation
Not all of the Orders worksheet is displayed in the Print Preview window. The last column
in the sheet, which displays the total amount of each order, has been cut off and is dis-
played on the third page of the printout. Naturally Sandra wants all of the information on
a single sheet, but the problem is that the page is not wide enough to display all of this
information. One way of solving this problem is to change the orientation of the page.
There are two types of page orientations: portrait and landscape. In portrait orientation
the page is taller than it is wide. In landscape orientation the page is wider than it is tall.
In many cases, you will want to print your worksheets in landscape orientation. You’ll
choose this option for the Orders worksheet.
To print in landscape orientation:
1. Click the Setup button on the Print Preview toolbar. The Page Setup dialog box opens.
2. Verify that the Page tab is selected in the dialog box, and then click the Landscape option
button. See Figure 1-35.
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