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Session 1.2
mistake has been made. To switch to Formula view in your workbook, you can press the
keyboard shortcut Ctrl + grave accent (`). Try this now for the Orders worksheet.
To view the worksheet formulas:
1. With the Orders worksheet active, press the Ctrl + ` (grave accent) keys and then scroll the
worksheet to the left so columns F and G are visible. (Make sure you press the grave accent
key (`) and not the single quotation mark key (‘). The grave accent key is usually located
above the Tab key on your keyboard.) Excel displays the formulas in columns F and G. See
Figure 1-37.
Figure 1-37
Viewing the worksheet formulas
Trouble? If the Formula Auditing toolbar appears, close the toolbar.
Note that the column widths have been changed. Excel does this automatically to ensure
that the entire formula can be displayed within each cell. These changed column widths
will not affect the normal view of your worksheet as long as you don’t change the column
widths while in Formula view.
Sandra asks you to print a copy of the worksheet with the formulas displayed. First, you’ll
preview the worksheet.
2. Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar. Excel displays a preview of the
Orders worksheet in Formula view. Not all of the contents of the worksheet in this view are
displayed on a single page. To fit the printout to a single page, you will change the setup
of the page using the Page Setup dialog box.
3. Click the Setup button on the Print Preview toolbar. The Page Setup dialog box opens.
4. Click the Fit to option button to fit the Orders worksheet on one page, and then click the
OK button. The Formula view of the Orders worksheet should now fit on a single page.
5. Click the Print button on the Print Preview toolbar to print the worksheet and close the
Print Preview window.
Trouble? If the Print Preview window closes and the Print dialog box opens, click the OK
button to print the worksheet.
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