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Session 1.2
5. In cell F6, use the AutoSum button to calculate the total quantity of items ordered, and in
cell G6, use the AutoSum button to calculate the total revenue generated by these orders.
6. Move sales data from the range A1:G6 to the range A5:G10.
7. In cell A1, enter the text “Dalton Food Co-op.” In cell A2, enter the text “List of
Orders.” In cell A3, enter the text “May, 2006.”
8. Change the width of columns A and B to 20 characters (or 145 pixels) each. Change
the width of column D to 15 characters (or 110 pixels). Change the width of column
G to 10 characters (or 75 pixels).
9. Select all of the cells in the worksheet, and then reduce the amount of empty space in
the rows by reducing the row height to the height of the data contained in the rows.
10. Change the name of the worksheet to “Orders”.
11. Create a worksheet named “Documentation” at the beginning of the workbook and,
in the Documentation sheet, enter the following:
• Cell A1: Dalton Food Co-op
• Cell A3: Date:
• Cell B3: current date
• Cell A4: Created By:
• Cell B4: your name
• Cell A5: Purpose:
• Cell B5: To enter May orders for the Dalton Food Co-op
12. Increase the width of column A in the Documentation worksheet to 20 characters.
13. Check the spelling on both worksheets, correcting any errors found.
14. Delete any empty worksheets from the workbook.
15. Print the contents of the workbook with the Documentation sheet in portrait orienta-
tion and the Orders worksheet in landscape orientation.
16. Display the formulas in the Orders worksheet. Preview the worksheet before printing
it, and set up the worksheet to print as a single page.
17. Save the workbook as Dalton2 in the Tutorial.01\Review folder included with your
Data Files.
18. Insert the following new order in the Orders worksheet directly below Amy Yang’s order:
• Name: Chad Reynolds
• Address: 100 School Lane
Midtown, FL 80411
(833) 555-4425
• Date: 5/5/2006
• Item: Navel Oranges
• Price: $17
• Qty: 2
19. Remove Amy Yang’s order from the worksheet, and change the quantity ordered by
Eugene Burch from 4 to 3.
20. Check the spelling in the Orders worksheet again, correcting any errors found.
21. Print the contents and formulas of the Orders worksheet again.
22. Save the workbook as Dalton3 in the Tutorial.01\Review folder, and then close the
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