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Session 2.1
Once she has a better handle on the family’s finances, Amanda might want to evaluate
whether buying a house would be possible in the near future, especially in light of the
low interest rates that are available.
Session 2.1
Working with Excel Functions
In her budget worksheet, Amanda has already entered the couple’s take-home salaries
(that is, the amount of money in their paychecks minus taxes and other work-related
deductions) and their expenses from the past year. You’ll begin by opening her workbook
so you can see what Amanda has done so far.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
To open Amanda’s workbook:
1. Start Excel and then open the Budget1 workbook located in the Tutorial.02\Tutorial folder
included with your Data Files.
2. On the Documentation sheet, enter your name in cell B3 and the current date in cell B4.
3. Save the workbook as Budget2 in the Tutorial.02\Tutorial folder, and then click the Budget
tab to make this sheet the active worksheet. See Figure 2-1. Amanda has recorded the cou-
ple’s take-home salaries as income and has listed a variety of expenses in columns for each
month. January’s income and expenses are shown in column B, February’s income and
expenses are shown in column C, and so forth.
Figure 2-1
Budget worksheet
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