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Session 2.1
To calculate the net income for the first month:
1. Click cell A24 , type Net Income , and then press the Tab key to move to cell B24, where
you will enter the formula.
2. Type =B8-B22 and then press the Enter key. Excel displays the value –1,717, which indi-
cates that the family’s net income for the month of January is a negative $1,717. Amanda
and Joseph’s expenses are greater than their income for that month.
Now that you’ve entered the formulas to calculate the total income, total expenses, and
net income for January, you need to enter the same formulas for the other 11 months of
the year. Entering the formulas for each of the remaining months individually would be
time-consuming, but there is a quicker way.
Copying and Pasting Formulas
To use the same formula in different cells on the worksheet, you can copy the formula and
paste it to a new location or locations. The cell (or range of cells) that contains the formula you
copy is referred to as the source cell (or source range ). The new location is the destination cell
(or destination range ). When you paste your selection, Excel automatically adjusts the cell
references contained in the formulas. For example, if you copy cell B8, which contains the
formula =SUM(B6:B7) , and paste the contents of the copied cell into cell C8 (the destina-
tion cell), Excel automatically changes the formula in cell C8 to =SUM(C6:C7) .
In effect, Excel recognizes that the intent of the function is to calculate the sum of the
values in the two cells above the active cell. The new location does not even have to be in
the same row as the copied cell. If you copy the formula in cell B8 to cell C10, the pasted
formula would be =SUM(C8:C9). You can copy the formula in one cell to a whole range
of cells, and Excel will correctly adjust the cell references in the formula for each cell in
the range.
Reference Window
Copying and Pasting a Cell or Range
Select the cell or range that you want to copy, and then click the Copy button on the
Standard toolbar.
Select the cell or range into which you want to copy the selection, and then click the
Paste button on the Standard toolbar.
Next, you’ll copy the formula in cell B8 to the range C8:M8 to calculate the total
income for the remaining months.
To copy and paste the formula from cell B8 to the range C8:M8:
1. Click cell B8 on the Budget worksheet, and then click the Copy button on the Standard
toolbar. Note that the copied cell has a moving border. This border is a visual reminder
that the range has been copied and is ready to be pasted.
2. Select the range C8:M8 , and then click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar.
Excel copies the formula in cell B8 into each of the cells in the range C8:M8, changing the
cell references to match the location of each cell in the range. See Figure 2-4. Note that
when you paste a selection, Excel automatically displays the Paste Options button. This
button provides options that give you control over the paste process. You will learn more
about this button in the next tutorial.
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