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Session 2.1
Running total of the family’s net income
Figure 2-8
formulas copied to the range D25:M25 to calculate running totals
8. Press the Ctrl + ` (grave accent) keys to examine the pasted formulas in the range D25:M25.
The use of absolute and relative references ensures the integrity of the formula copied in
each cell used to calculate the running net income total.
9. Press the Ctrl + ` (grave accent) keys to return to Normal view.
Working with Other Paste Options
So far you’ve used the Paste button to paste formulas from a source cell or range to a des-
tination cell or range. When Excel pastes the contents of a selected cell or range, it also
pastes any formatting applied to the source cell (you’ll learn about formatting in the next
tutorial). If you want more control over how Excel pastes the data from the source cell,
you can click the list arrow next to the Paste button and choose one of the available paste
options. Figure 2-9 describes each of these options.
Paste options
Figure 2-9
Pastes the formula(s), but not the formatting, of the source cell range
Pastes the value(s), but not the formula(s) or formatting, of the source cell range
No Borders
Pastes the formula(s) and formatting of the source cell range, but not the format of the
cell range's borders
Pastes the formula(s) and formatting of the source cell range, except changes the orienta-
tion so that rows in the source cell range become columns, and columns become rows
Paste Link
Pastes a link to the cell(s) in the source cell range, including the formatting used
Paste Special
Opens a dialog box displaying more paste options
For example, if you want to paste the value calculated by the formula in a cell but not
the formula itself, you use the Values option. This is useful in situations in which you want
to “freeze” a calculated value and remove the risk of it being changed by inadvertently
changing another value in the worksheet. For even more control over the paste feature,
you can select the Paste Special option. When you select this option, the Paste Special
dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 2-10.
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