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Session 2.1
Figure 2-10
Paste Special dialog box
select what you
want pasted from
the selected cells
select what kind of
operation you want
performed on the
values pasted
Using this dialog box, you can not only specify exactly which parts of the source cell
or range—formulas, values, or formats—you want to paste, but also specify a mathemati-
cal operation you want performed as part of the paste action. For example, you can copy
the value of one cell and add that value to cells in the destination range.
Another method that gives you control over the paste process is provided by the Paste
Options button, which appears each time you paste a selection. By clicking this icon, you
can choose from a variety of options that determine how the pasted data should be for-
matted. You’ll explore this feature more in the next tutorial.
Changing the Magnification of a Worksheet
As you learned in Tutorial 1, an Excel worksheet can have 256 columns and more than
65,000 rows of data. You also learned that you can freeze columns and rows, so as you
scroll through the data in the worksheet, the column and row headings remain visible.
The number of columns and rows displayed in the workbook window depends on the
zoom magnification set for the worksheet. The default zoom magnification setting is
100%. You can change this setting using the Zoom command on the View menu or the
Zoom button on the Standard toolbar. Changing the zoom magnification setting allows
you to see more or less of the worksheet at one time. If you decrease the magnification,
you will see more of the data in the worksheet, but the data will be smaller and may be
more difficult to read. If you increase the magnification, you will see less of the data in the
worksheet, but the data will be larger and easier to read.
Reference Window
Changing the Zoom Magnification of the Workbook Window
Click View on the menu bar, and then click Zoom.
Click the option button for the percent magnification you want to apply, and then click
the OK button.
Click the Zoom list arrow on the Standard toolbar, and then click the percent option you
want to apply.
You can change the magnification of the workbook window from 10% up to 400% or
enter a percent not offered, for example, 65%, to further customize the display of your
workbook window. You can also select a zoom magnification specific to the content of
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