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Session 2.1
your worksheet. To do this, you select the worksheet’s content and then choose the
Selection option in the Zoom dialog box or on the Zoom list. Excel displays the content of
the selection at a magnification that fills the entire workbook window.
Before continuing, Amanda wants to review the work done so far. Try changing the
magnification so more of the worksheet is displayed at one time.
To change the zoom setting for the workbook window:
1. Press the Ctrl + Home keys to make cell A1 the active cell.
2. Click View on the menu bar, and then click Zoom to open the Zoom dialog box.
3. Click the 75% option button in the list of options, and then click the OK button. At this setting,
all the data in the worksheet is displayed in the workbook window, as shown in Figure 2-11.
Budget worksheet at 75 percent magnification
Figure 2-11
indicates the
current zoom
More of the worksheet is visible; however, reading the individual cell values is more diffi-
cult, so you will change the magnification back to 100%.
4. Click the Zoom list arrow on the Standard toolbar, and then click 100% to return
to this higher magnification. Although the overall appearance of your screen may differ
from the figures in this text, the data is not affected.
From examining the running totals, Amanda has learned several important facts. One
of the family’s largest expenses is Joseph’s tuition, which is paid in January and August.
She has also learned that the family does not recover from this January expense and show
a positive overall net income until the month of April, when the total savings amount for
the year up to that point is $664. Therefore, with their current income and expenses, it
takes four months to “catch up” with the tuition expenditure in January, which leaves the
family short on cash during February and March. The good news is that the total net
income at the end of 12 months is $6,396, which represents the amount of money the
family is able to save for the entire year.
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