Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.1
Function Arguments dialog box
Figure 2-15
selected range
inserted as first
argument value
Collapse Dialog
Box button
result is
calculated based
on the entry
3. Click the OK button. The value 2,400 appears in C30.
Now you will copy the formula to calculate the average of other income and expense
To copy the AVERAGE function into the remaining cells:
1. Click cell C30 , if necessary, and then click the Copy button
on the Standard toolbar.
2. Select the nonadjacent range C31:C32;C35:C46;C48 , and then click the Paste button
on the Standard toolbar. Figure 2-16 shows the monthly averages in Amanda’s budget.
Year-end average values
Figure 2-16
contents of
cell C30
copied to…
…the nonadjacent range
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