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Session 2.1
On average, the couple makes $3,450 per month and spends $2,917. Their net income
is about $533 a month on average; this is the amount that Amanda can expect the family
to save. It is obvious that expenses for some months will be higher than expected.
Amanda wonders how much higher? She would like to calculate the maximum and mini-
mum amounts for each of the income and expense categories. She knows that this will
give her a better picture of the range of values for her family’s income and expenses.
Filling in Formulas and Series
Up to now you’ve used the Copy and Paste buttons to enter the same formula into multi-
ple cells. Another approach you can use is to fill in the values. You may have noticed a
small black square in the lower-right corner of a selected cell or cell range. That small
black square is called the fill handle . This Excel tool enables you to copy the contents of
the selected cells simply by dragging the fill handle over another adjacent cell or range of
cells rather than going through the two-step process of clicking the Copy and Paste but-
tons. This technique is also referred to as Auto Fill .
Reference Window
Copying Formulas Using the Fill Handle
Select the cell or range that contains the formula or formulas you want to copy.
Drag the fill handle in the direction you want to copy the formula(s), and then release
the mouse button.
To select a specific fill option, click the Auto Fill Options button, and then select the
option you want to apply to the selected range.
To calculate the maximum and minimum amounts for each of the income and expense
categories, you will enter the MIN and MAX functions , which have a similar syntax as the
AVERAGE and SUM functions. Once you enter the formulas using the MIN and MAX
functions for Amanda’s income, you can use Auto Fill to fill in the formulas for Joseph’s
income and for the expense categories.
To calculate the year-end minimum and maximum amounts:
1. Click cell D28 , type Minimum , and then press the Tab key.
2. Type Maximum in cell E28, and then press the Enter key twice to move back to column D
where you will enter the formula to calculate minimum values.
3. Type =MIN(B6:M6) in cell D30, and then press the Tab key to move to column E where you
will enter the formula to calculate maximum values.
4. Type =MAX(B6:M6) in cell E30, and then press the Enter key. Excel displays the value
2,400 in both cell D30 and cell E30 because Amanda’s monthly salary is $2,400 and does
not vary throughout the year.
You will use the fill handle to copy the formulas with the MIN and MAX functions into the
remaining income and expense categories.
5. Select the range D30:E30 . The fill handle appears in the lower-right corner of the selection.
6. Position the pointer over the fill handle until the pointer changes to , and then drag the
fill handle down the worksheet until the selection border encloses the range D30:E48 .
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