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Session 2.1
7. Release the mouse button. The Auto Fill Options button appears, and by default Excel
copies the formulas and formats found in the source range, D30:E30, into the destination
range. Note that rows 33, 34, and 47 contain zeros. This is because those rows correspond
to empty cells in the monthly table. You can delete the MIN and MAX functions in those cells.
8. Select the nonadjacent range D33:E34;D47:E47 , and then press the Delete key to clear the
contents of the selected cells. Figure 2-17 shows the minimum and maximum values for
each income and expense category.
Year-end minimum and maximum values
Figure 2-17
minimum and maximum
income values
minimum and maximum
expenses values
minimum and maximum
net income
These calculations provide Amanda with an idea of the range of possible values in her
budget. From these figures she can see that the maximum amount the family earned in a
single month was $4,050 (cell E32), while the maximum amount the family spent in a sin-
gle month was $5,243 (cell E46). How frugal can the family be? Based on her calcula-
tions, the lowest amount the family spent in a given month was $2,357 (cell D46).
Amanda has also discovered that the most the family was able to save in a month was
$1,616 (cell E48), while their largest deficit was $1,717—which occurred in the month of
January, when a tuition payment was due. If the average values in column C give Amanda
a picture of what a “typical” month looks like, the values in columns D and E give her an
idea of the extremes in the family budget.
If you have a large selection to fill, you may find it difficult to use the fill handle feature
of Auto Fill. If you don’t want to use the fill handle, you can select the cell range that you
want to fill and then use the Fill command on the Edit menu. Excel provides a list of Fill
commands that you can use to fill in the selected range.
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