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Session 2.1
Auto Fill Options
When you use Auto Fill with formulas, Excel copies not only the formulas but also the for-
matting applied to the copied cell or range. However, there may be times when you only
want the values in a cell copied, or maybe just the formatting. You can control what Excel
does when you use the fill handle to copy formulas. When you release the mouse button,
a button appears at the lower-right corner of the cell range. This is the Auto Fill Options
button. Clicking this button provides a list of available options that you can choose to
specify how Excel should handle the pasted selection.
The Auto Fill default option is to copy both the formulas and the formats of selected
cells into the cell range. To copy only the formulas or just the formats, you can choose
one of the other Auto Fill options, as shown in Figure 2-18.
Figure 2-18
Auto Fill options
Filling a Series
The Auto Fill feature can also be used to continue a series of values, dates, or text based
on an established pattern. As shown in Figure 2-19, to create a list of sequential numbers,
you enter the first few numbers of the sequence and then drag the fill handle, completing
the sequence. In this case, a list of numbers from 1 to 10 is quickly generated.
Figure 2-19
Using Auto Fill to complete a series of numbers
fill handle pointer
Auto Fill
Options button
The series does not have to be numeric. It can also contain text and dates. Figure 2-20
shows a few examples of other series that can be completed using the Auto Fill feature.
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