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Session 2.2
4. Switch to the Budget worksheet, select the nonadjacent range A29:A48;C29:C48 , and then
click the Copy button
on the Standard toolbar.
5. Switch to the Loan Analysis worksheet, and then click cell A3 to make it the active cell.
Rather than pasting the formulas into this worksheet, you will simply paste the values.
6. Click the Paste list arrow on the Standard toolbar, and then click Values in the list of
paste options. Excel pastes the labels from column A in the Budget worksheet into column A
on the Loan Analysis worksheet and also pastes the average values from column C in the
Budget worksheet into column B in the current worksheet. See Figure 2-24.
Pasting the income and expense categories and the average values
Figure 2-24
pasted selection needs to
be formatted so the text and
values are clearly visible
Excel pastes the cells as an adjacent range, not as a nonadjacent range. The result is
that the values pasted from column C are shifted to the left into column B—right next to
the labels in column A. These are the values you will need; their new location is not an
issue. You will have to make some minor changes to the data, but first you need to
increase the width of the columns so the values are easier to read. Then you will insert the
formulas back into cells B6, B20, and B22 to calculate the total income, total expenses,
and net income for a typical month.
To modify the layout of the worksheet and replace some of the values
with formulas:
1. Click cell A1 to remove the selection highlight from the pasted range.
2. Increase the width of column A to 18 characters ( 131 pixels) and the width of column B to
10 characters ( 75 pixels).
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