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Tutorial 3
Tutorial 3
Developing a Professional-Looking Worksheet
Formatting a Sales Report
NewGeneration Monitors
NewGeneration Monitors is a computer equipment company that specializes in computer monitors. Joan
Sanchez, sales manager, has been entering sales data for three of the company’s monitors into an Excel work-
book. She plans on including the sales data in a report to be presented later in the week. Joan has made no
attempt to change or enhance the presentation of this data. She has simply entered the numbers. She needs you
to transform her raw figures into a presentable report.
To create a professional-looking document, you will learn how to work with Excel’s formatting tools to modify
the appearance of the data in each cell, the cell itself, and the entire worksheet. You will also learn how to format
printouts, create headers and footers, and control which parts of the worksheet are printed on which pages.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Add borders
• Apply bold and italics
• Apply number formats
(currency and percent)
• Apply number formats
(dates and comma)
• Center across selection
• Center across selection
using Alignment tab in
Format Cells dialog box
• Change fonts
• Change the font color
• Format a worksheet
Session 3.1
• Format data using the
Comma, Currency, and
Percent styles
• Copy and paste formats
using the Format Painter
• Modify and apply
number formatting
• Change font type, style,
size, and color
• Change the alignment
of cell contents
• Apply borders,
background colors,
and patterns
• Format cells before
entering data
• Format the Insert row
in an empty list
• Indent text
• Locate and open
existing workbooks
• Protect worksheet cells
• Right align cells
• Rotate text
• Set cell color
• Wrap text
Session 3.2
• Merge a range of cells
into a single cell
• Hide rows, columns,
and worksheets
• Add a background
image to a worksheet
• Format worksheet tabs
• Clear and replace
• Create and apply styles
• Apply an AutoFormat
• Set up a worksheet for
• Add headers and footers
to printouts
• Add headers to
• Apply AutoFormats to
• Apply styles
• Center on page
• Change margins in
Page Setup
• Clear cell formats
• Control page breaks
• Create a style
• Format worksheet tabs
• Hide page breaks
• Hide rows and
• Hide worksheets in a
• Merge cells
• Modify worksheet
• Print non-adjacent
selections of work-
sheets in a workbook
• Set print areas
• Unhide columns
Student Data Files
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page EX 2.
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