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Session 3.1
Figure 3-2
Applying the Comma style
values formatted with
commas, and without
trailing zeros
Joan wants the price and production cost of each monitor as well as last year’s total
sales and gross profit displayed using dollar signs, commas, and two decimal places. A
quick and easy way to format the values with these attributes is to use the Currency style,
which is available as a button on the Formatting toolbar. When you apply the Currency
style, Excel adds a dollar sign and comma separator to the value and displays two decimal
places. Try applying the Currency style to the total sales and profit values.
To apply the Currency style:
1. Select the nonadjacent range B23:D25;F23:G26 .
Trouble? To select a nonadjacent range, select the first range, press and hold the Ctrl
key, and then select the next range.
2. Click the Currency Style button on the Formatting toolbar. As shown in Figure 3-3,
Excel adds the dollar signs and commas, and keeps two decimal places to display the val-
ues as currency. Also note that the alignment of the dollar signs is along the left edge of
the cell and the decimal points are aligned vertically.
Figure 3-3
Applying the Currency style
values formatted with dollar signs and
commas and displayed to two decimal places
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