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Session 3.1
3. Select the nonadjacent range A19;A26 .
4. Click the Italic button
on the Formatting toolbar. The word “Total” in cells A19 and
A26 is now italicized.
Joan points out that NewGeneration’s logo usually appears in a red font. Color is
another one of Excel’s formatting tools and can dramatically enhance the presentation of
your data if you have a color printer. Excel provides a palette of 40 different colors. If the
color you want is not listed, you can modify Excel’s color configuration to create a differ-
ent color palette. Excel’s default color settings will work for most situations, so in this case
you will not modify Excel’s color settings. You will apply a red color to the name of the
company and the two subtitles, which describe the contents of this worksheet.
To change the font color of the title to red:
1. Select the range A1:A3 .
2. Click the Font Color list arrow on the Formatting toolbar to display a color palette,
and then position the pointer over the Red square (third row, first column from the left) on
the palette, as shown in Figure 3-8.
Figure 3-8
Choosing a font color
3. Click the Red square to change the color of the font in the selected cells to red. See Figure 3-9.
Figure 3-9
Changing the font color of a cell
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