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Session 3.1
The text in these cells is centered horizontally across the selection. Note that centering the
text does not affect the location. The title and subtitles are still placed in cells A1 through A3.
In general, you should only use this approach for text that is in the leftmost column of the
selection, and there should be no text in any other column. If you had text in column B in the
previous set of steps, then that text would have been centered across columns B through H,
and the text in column A would have remained where it was.
Indenting and Wrapping Text
Sometimes you will want a cell’s contents offset, or indented, a few spaces from the cell’s
edge. This is particularly true for text entries that are aligned with the left edge of the cell.
Indenting is often used for cell entries that are considered “subsections” of your work-
sheet. Joan wants you to indent the names of the months in the range A7:A18 and the
monitor titles in the range A23:A25. You will indent the text using one of the indent but-
tons on the Formatting toolbar.
To indent the months and monitor titles:
1. Select the nonadjacent range A7:A18;A23:A25 .
2. Click the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar. Excel shifts the contents of
the selected cells to the right. See Figure 3-11.
Figure 3-11
Indenting text within cells
text is indented
Clicking the Increase Indent button increases the amount of indentation by roughly one
character. To decrease or remove an indentation, click the Decrease Indent button or
modify the Indent value using the Format Cells dialog box.
If you enter text that is too wide for a cell, Excel either extends the text into the adjoin-
ing cells (if the cells are empty) or truncates the display of the text (if the adjoining cells
contain text or values). To avoid cutting off the display of text in a cell, you can widen the
columns, or place the text on several lines using the method you learned in Tutorial 1
(pressing the Alt key to move to a second line with a cell). You can also have Excel wrap
the text within the cell for you. To wrap text within a cell, you click the Wrap text check
box on the Alignment tab of the Format Cells dialog box.
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