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Session 3.1
Other Formatting Options
Excel supports even more formatting options than have been discussed so far. For exam-
ple, instead of wrapping the text, you can have Excel shrink it to fit the size of the cell. If
you reduce the cell later on, Excel will automatically resize the text to match. You can
also rotate the contents of the cell, displaying the cell entry at almost any angle (see
Figure 3-13). Joan does not need to use either of these options in her workbook, but they
might be useful later for another project.
Figure 3-13
Rotating text within a cell
…you can display text vertically within a cell.
By rotating the orientation of the text…
Working with Cell Borders and Backgrounds
Up to now, all the formatting you have done has been applied to the contents of a cell.
Excel also provides a range of tools to format the cells themselves. Specifically, you can
add borders to cells and color a cell’s background.
Adding a Cell Border
As you may have noticed from the printouts of other worksheets, the gridlines that appear
in the worksheet window are not normally displayed on the pages that you print.
Gridlines provide a visual cue for the layout of the cells in a worksheet. Although you can
choose to print the gridlines using the Page Setup dialog box, you might want to display
borders around individual cells in a worksheet. This would be particularly useful when
you have different sections or tables in a worksheet, as in the Sales worksheet.
You can add a border to a cell using either the Borders button on the Formatting tool-
bar or the options on the Border tab in the Format Cells dialog box. The Borders button
allows you to create borders quickly, whereas the Format Cells dialog box lets you further
refine your choices. For example, you can specify the style, thickness, and color using the
options available in the Format Cells dialog box.
Joan wants you to place a border around each cell in the two tables in the work-
sheet. You’ll select the appropriate border style from the list of available options on the
Borders palette.
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