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Session 3.1
3. Click and drag the pointer over the lower border of the range A6:E6 . The lower border
thickens, matching the top border in thickness.
4. Click and drag the pointer over the lower border of the range A22:H22 . The lower border
5. Click the Close button
on the floating Borders toolbar to close it.
Finally, you will add a double line above the Total row in each table. You will add the
line using the options in the Format Cells dialog box.
To create the double border lines:
1. Select the nonadjacent range A18:E18;A25:H25 .
2. Click Format on the menu bar, and then click Cells to open the Format Cells dialog box.
3. Click the Border tab. The Border tab displays a diagram showing what borders, if any, are
currently surrounding the selected cells.
The bottom border is currently a single thin line. You want to change this to a double line.
4. Click the double line style in the Style list box located on the right side of the tab, and then
click the bottom border in the border diagram to apply the double-line style. The bottom
border changes to a double line. See Figure 3-15.
Figure 3-15
Border tab in the Format Cells dialog box
line style options
c lick to specify
line color
preview of the
placement of the
double-line border
5. Click the OK button to close the dialog box, and then click cell A1 to deselect the ranges.
Figure 3-16 shows all of the border styles you’ve applied to the two tables.
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