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Session 3.1
Selecting a fill pattern
Figure 3-18
gallery of patterns
50% Gray
color palette
5. Click the OK button, and then click any cell to deselect the ranges and to see the pattern.
The background pattern you have chosen overwhelms the text in these column titles.
You can improve the appearance by changing the color of the pattern itself from black to
a light orange.
To change the pattern color:
1. Select the range A6:E6;A22:H22 . The default (or automatic) color of a selected pattern is
black, but you want to choose a brighter and lighter color for the pattern.
2. Click Format on the menu bar, and then click Cells to open the Format Cells dialog box
again. The Patterns tab should be displayed automatically because it is the last set of
options you used.
3 . Click the Pattern list arrow to display the gallery of patterns and the color palette.
4. Click the Light Orange square (third row, second column) in the color palette, click the
OK button to close the dialog box, and then click cell A1 to deselect the range and to
see the color applied to the pattern. See Figure 3-19. The column titles now appear in a
light-orange patterned background. The pattern and the color do not overwhelm the col-
umn titles.
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