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Session 3.2
Hiding Rows, Columns and Worksheets
Sometimes Joan does not need to view the monthly sales for the three monitors. She does
not want to remove this information from the worksheet, but she would like the option of
temporarily hiding that information. Excel provides this capability. Hiding a row or column
does not affect the data stored there, nor does it affect any other cell that might have a for-
mula referencing a cell in the hidden row or column. Hiding part of your worksheet is a
good way of temporarily concealing nonessential information, allowing you to concentrate
on the more important data contained in your worksheet. To hide a row or column, first
you must select the row(s) or column(s) you want to hide. You can then use the Row or
Column option on the Format menu or right-click the selection to open its shortcut menu.
You will hide the monthly sales figures in the first table in the worksheet.
To hide the monthly sales figures:
1. Select the headings for rows 7 through 18 .
2. Right-click the selection, and then click Hide on the shortcut menu. Excel hides rows 7
through 18. Note that the total sales figures in the range B19:E19 are not affected by hiding
the monthly sales figures. See Figure 3-21.
Figure 3-21
Hiding worksheet rows
this thick line
indicates there
are hidden rows
rows 7 through
18 are hidden
To unhide a hidden row or column, you must select the headings of the rows or
columns that border the hidden area; then you can use the right-click method or the Row
or Column command on the Format menu to choose the Unhide option. You will let Joan
know that it is easy to hide any row or column that she does not want to view. But for
now you will redisplay the hidden sales figures.
To unhide the monthly sales figures:
1. Select the row headings for rows 6 and 19 .
2. Right-click the selection, and then click Unhide on the shortcut menu. Excel redisplays rows 7
through 18.
3. Click cell A1 to deselect the rows.
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