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Session 3.2
4. Click the Font tab, and then click Bold in the Font style list box. See Figure 3-24.
Find Format dialog box
Figure 3-24
click to copy the
format from a
selected cell
5. Click the OK button.
Next, you will specify the new format that you want to use to replace the boldface text. In
this case, you will specify blue boldface text.
6. Click the bottom Format button to open the Replace Format dialog box again, and then
click Bold in the Font style list box.
7. Click the Color list box, click the Blue square (second row, sixth column from the left) in
the color palette, and then click the OK button.
8. Click the Replace All button to replace all boldface text in the worksheet with blue bold-
face text. Excel indicates that it has completed its search and made 15 replacements.
9. Click the OK button, and then click the Close button to close the Find and Replace dialog
box. See Figure 3-25. The boldface text has been replaced with blue boldface text.
Sales worksheet with blue boldface text
Figure 3-25
bold formatti n g found
and replaced with bold
blue formatting
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