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Session 3.2
Style dialog box
Figure 3-26
style name
style opti ons (a
checked box
indicates that the
style uses this
click to copy styles
from one open
workbook to
Now you will modify the properties of this style.
4. Click the Border check box to deselect it. Category style will not include any border format
Next, you will modify the pattern of the style.
5. Click the Modify button to open the Format Cells dialog box, and then click the Patterns tab.
6. Click the Yellow square (fourth row, third column from the left) in the color palette, and then
click the OK button to close the Format Cells dialog box and redisplay the Style dialog box.
If you click the OK button in the Style dialog box, the style definition changes and is
applied to the active cell and the Style dialog box closes. If you click the Add button in the
dialog box, the style change is saved and applied, but the Style dialog box remains open
for further style changes.
7. Click the OK button to save the new style and apply it to the background color of cell A7.
Now you need to apply this style to other cells in the workbook.
Applying a Style
To apply a style to cells in a worksheet, you first select the cells you want associated with
the style and then open the Style dialog box.
To apply the Category style:
1. Select the nonadjacent range A8:A18;A23:A25 .
2. Click Format on the menu bar, and then click Style . The Style dialog box opens.
3. Click the Style name list arrow, and then click Category . The formatting options change to
reflect the associated options for the selected style.
4. Click the OK button to close the dialog box and apply the Category style to the selected
range, and then click cell A1 to deselect the cells. A yellow background color is applied to
all of the month and monitor cells in the two tables.
The yellow background appears a bit too strong. You decide to change it to a light-yellow
background. Since all the month and monitor cells are now associated with the Category
style, you need only modify the definition of the Category style to make this change.
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