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Session 3.2
To modify the Category style:
1. Click Format on the menu bar, and then click Style .
2. Click the Style name list arrow, and then click Category . The options in the Style dialog
box change to reflect the selected Category style.
3. Click the Modify button to open the Format Cells dialog box, and then click the Patterns
tab, if necessary.
4. Click the Light Yellow square (fifth row, third column from the left) in the color palette,
and then click the OK button.
5. Click the Add button in the Style dialog box. Excel changes the background color of all the
cells associated with the Category style.
Trouble? If you clicked the OK button instead of the Add button, the Category style would
have been applied to the active cell as well as the ranges formatted with the Category style.
Click the Undo on the Standard toolbar to undo the application of the Category style to cell A2,
and then skip Step 6.
6. Click the Close button. See Figure 3-27. The updated Category style is applied to the
ranges using that format.
Figure 3-27
Category style in the Sales worksheet
formatted with the
modified Category style
The Category style becomes part of the Sales2 workbook, but it is not available to other
workbooks. However, you can copy styles from one workbook to another. Copying styles
allows you to create a collection of workbooks that share a common look and feel.
To copy styles from one workbook to another, open the workbook containing your cus-
tomized styles, and then open the workbook into which you want to copy the styles.
Open the Styles dialog box, click the Merge button, and select the first workbook. All of
the styles in that workbook will be copied into the second workbook for use on that work-
book’s contents. Note that if you make changes to the style definitions later on, you will
have to copy them again. Excel will not automatically update styles across workbooks.
Using AutoFormat
Excel’s AutoFormat feature provides a gallery of 17 predefined formats that you can select
and apply to your worksheet cells. Rather than spending time testing different combina-
tions of fonts, colors, and borders, you can apply an existing format to your worksheet.
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