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Session 3.2
You have done a lot of work already formatting the data in the Sales worksheet to give it a
more professional and polished look, but you decide to see how the formatting you have
done compares to one of Excel’s AutoFormat designs.
You’ll apply an AutoFormat design to the sales figures table so that you can compare a
predefined format to the format you have worked on.
To apply an AutoFormat design to the table:
1. Select the range A5:E19 .
2. Click Format on the menu bar, and then click AutoFormat . The AutoFormat dialog box
opens. See Figure 3-28. The dialog box displays a preview of how each format will appear
when applied to cells in a worksheet.
AutoFormat gallery
Figure 3-28
dark border
is selected
3. Click Classic 3 in the list of available designs, click the OK button, and then click cell A1 to
remove the highlighting from the table. Figure 3-29 shows the appearance of the Classic 3
design to the cells containing the monthly sales data.
Applying an AutoFormat
Figure 3-29
table formatted with the
Classic 3 AutoFormat
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