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A Web page on the World Wide Web
Figure 27
The evolution of multimedia and Internet technologies has made the World Wide Web
the perfect communications tool for marketing business services and products. Hyperlinks
are the primary resource for making the Web possible. A hyperlink , or link , is a place on a
Web page that is programmed to connect to a particular file on the same network server,
or even on a network server on the other side of the globe. The communications software
that helps you navigate the World Wide Web is called Web browsing software , or a Web
browser . You decide to include the benefits of Internet and World Wide Web access in
your recommendation to Mr. Paik. Specifically, you plan to convince him that he could
sell carpets and advertise his carpet renovation services through the Web.
Computer Software
Just as a tape player or DVD player is worthless without tapes or DVDs, computer hard-
ware is useless without software. Software is defined as the instructions and associated
data that direct the computer to accomplish a task. Sometimes the term software refers to
a single program, but often the term refers to a collection of programs and data that are
packaged together. A software package contains disks or a CD-ROM and reference man-
ual. The CD-ROM contains one or more programs and possibly some data. For example,
the Microsoft Office 2003 software includes programs that help you draw graphics, create
documents, and make calculations. The software includes some data, such as a thesaurus
of words and their synonyms.
Software can be divided into two major categories: system software and application
software. System software helps the computer carry out its basic operating tasks.
Application software helps the user carry out a variety of tasks.
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